National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia is an association that includes all stakeholders in incoming tourism in the Republic of Macedonia, expanding and maintaining the successful story.

The National Association for incoming tourism of Macedonia is aimed at getting a quality offer in tourism market, increasing the volume of quality tourism products and services, conjoining the forces of travel agencies dealing with incoming tourism in Macedonia, hotels, restaurants, wineries, transport companies, tour guides and other institutions involved in the tourism aspect of Macedonia. NAITM stands for the rights of tourism stakeholders from every sector of tourism and fights for change and renewal of the laws in tourism in Macedonia in order to obtain quality products and services and the regulation of work in every segment of the tourism. National Association for incoming tourism in Macedonia cooperates with several Universities and Faculties of Tourism in the country and stands for the employment of young people, as well as training interns from universities to work in tourism. NAITM collaborates with the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia, foreign institutions and international development corporations, The Ministry of Economy – Department of Tourism and others.